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Published: November 20, 2022 (2 weeks ago)



Tis 2000 Universal Security Key Dongle For Tech 2

q: how to install rage 2 on mac os?
a: now you can run rage 2 on mac, follow the installation instructions at

q: when i try to install rage 2 on mac os, the game still display a black screen on the installation, how to solve?
a: you need to install mac os high sierra or above, and a computer running 10.10.5, not 10.11.4 as the link do. if you can’t solve the problem, please contact us to solve problems, we won’t give you negative feedback.

q: is there any software like imovie available for mac pro?
a: there are a lot of software available in the market, like adobe premiere pro, adobe after effects, apple final cut pro, sony vegas, apple motion, any version of windows movie maker and more.
the mac pro is perfectly capable of editing video at high resolutions, 1080p or even 5k in 4k, so long as you have the tools and hardware to do so. you probably have the tools and hardware to do so, but if you’re wondering, a lot of people use the mac pro as a home editing machine rather than a professional production computer. the reason why is it has a relatively low price and a lower tco. the mac pro 2x quad core 2.4ghz 4-core comes with 4tb sata hard drives, 8gb of memory, and the u.s. dollar remains strong, so it’s basically a better value than a sony f65 or a blackmagic design cinema camera 4k, for example.

if you have no idea what firewire is, but know that you have firewire on your computer, then the answer is that apple products now use the firewire (now thunderbolt) interface for some or all of their physical connections, such as esata, usb, ethernet, and thunderbolt. firewire is now part of the standard, which is why it’s somewhat rare these days to see a computer without it. firewire was originally used for networking between peripherals, and now is used for some data transfers, for example, transferring photos from the parent machine to a printer.