by jaylper
Published: November 23, 2022 (6 days ago)


Tokyo Ghoul Jail English Patch

kaneki and suzu were childhood friends. they were both really quiet and reserved, and didn’t get along well with others. they grew up together in the same orphanage, and their friendship grew stronger over time. their relationship was strong enough that suzu would follow kaneki when he left japan after the ccg attack. however, suzu was kidnapped by amon, and he turned her into a ghoul. she eventually turned against amon and joined the ccg, but kaneki wasn’t happy about this. he first tried to free suzu from amon’s clutches, but his attempts were futile.

mori’s girlfriend. she was often around to cheer him up when he was sad. he would often joke around with her, and she would always joke back at him. but their relationship wasn’t perfect. for example, she didn’t believe in ghouls. she felt sorry for kaneki when he told her that he was a ghoul, and she was also sad when she learned that they couldn’t be together as a couple. she ended up marrying an older man because she believed that she could no longer be with kaneki.

he finally finds that place in the form of tokyo ghoul. the peace he finds in tokyo ghoul allows him to find his place as a ghoul. although he still has his human side, he sees how the ghouls live. he starts to develop and respect their existence. he has also begun to develop relationships with the members of the ccg and the quinx. he developed a passion for the ccg and would always cheer for them.

on the other hand, in the manga, when he was in the ccg’s custody, he was treated cruelly. his wounds were looked after but he was chained to a wall for most of his time in the ccg. however, he did begin to develop a bond with his chain. he did have a little company in his cell; he had kept his eye patch, which he now uses as a bandage. this allowed him to protect himself from the other ghouls. however, once he was transformed into a half-ghoul, he was chained up and never had any company, except for the occasional visit from gajin.

after returning to anteiku, he attempts to understand others and sympathize with them more than he did before. instead, he feels he isn’t that different from them, and they feel the same way about him. however, he begins to be swayed by the ghoul’s world, and begins to see ghouls’ behavior as being different. he begins to believe that he is the person who is truly different from the ghouls. he also begins to notice a change in his body.
kaneki is part of the team that is sent to the underground, where he retrieves the other members of goat. there, he observes the ghouls and gets to know them better as his strength increases. after they return to the surface, he asks them to help with the fight against the ccg. while he is there, he befriends a group of ghouls who were turned into half-ghouls and named them “the aesthetics.” he praises them for doing the world’s bidding and giving the ghouls purpose while at the same time, calling them “true ghouls”. however, despite his praise, he is unable to fully embrace them as they share his own half-ghoul status. as a result, he becomes even more closed off to other half-ghouls and begins to take on a more elitist attitude.
after joining the ccg, he finds himself so nervous he has trouble even being around the other humans. he is utterly terrified of the humans, and the chaos they bring. he is also terrified of how violent ghouls can be, especially when they are hungry or in a battle. despite this, he is also fascinated by them, finding their violence to be exciting and their ability to kill something that he finds beautiful. he is upset when he learns that his own people have been killed by humans, because he feels that ghouls are not violent by nature, and that he should have protected them. he becomes even more horrified when he learns that his peers died while he was away.