by sabsal
Published: November 22, 2022 (2 weeks ago)

Traveller Advanced C1 Teacher S Book 58

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Traveller Advanced C1 Teacher S Book 58

the qualification is only a guide to the work described in the coursebook, not a fixed measure of the success of any course. please note that the qualification is only recognised in the uk and ireland.

a qualification and or course are no guarantee of high quality teaching or any other skills. a qualification is a valuable tool for improving your teaching, providing you use it to help yourself develop. it is also a way of reminding yourself that you need improvement. it can be a challenge for teachers who want to improve, but it can also be rewarding.

having had two older brothers who could always be relied on to get a bit of tutoring in when needed, and the occasional adult teacher, tony had never really felt the need for formal training. in 1972 his wife started teaching french as part of her degree and tony decided to start taking lessons himself. by the time he was 20 years old he had completed an 18 month course of study at the university of london and secured a teaching post at the french school in london. he has taught at this school and in spain and has worked at language colleges in geneva, toronto and brussels.

in the last ten years or so ive noticed a shift in my thinking about qualifications, mostly influenced by the personal and professional goals i had in mind when studying elt, the elt label and the private sector. so to be clear, ill refer to the elt label rather than eltc. things have become a bit more complicated and much less clear. it is not uncommon these days for schools and colleges to send teachers to different accreditation agencies for various qualifications as they are not required to offer them all, for example. for the first time i wanted to offer an accredited english qualification, and i wanted to offer a qualification that had gone through an accreditation process to show that it had been checked by independent experts.

i found the teaching to be quite good, we had two teaching staff, one male, one female, they were both very thorough. we had sessions twice a week, followed by 2 more sessions a week (4 in total). another class had a different 2-day-a-week schedule. we studied for 2 hours on wednesdays (sundays were generally not dedicated to study) followed by 3 hours the next day. we were expected to study a full text book chapter each week, while also studying some sort of (in my class; very new to me) philosophy/psychology of work and learning theory. the time spent on the book was quite good, a chapter typically took a day. we studied the material at a pace that allowed us to study at home, and then re-read the material for any missed points and get ready for class the next day. we had the opportunity to ask questions, but i often found i was the only one who was interested. there was a poster session to point out things about the text that students were particularly interested in, or things that were unclear or contained errors, but the poster session was generally voluntary. while the class was taught in english (poor russian english most of us spoke more of an american accent) there was always ample opportunity for local interaction, a lot of students talked to others in the class and answered questions, which i found helpful. there was also a spanish class in the building. the material was covered in english in our class, but i found the spanish class quite useful, and was able to ask the teachers questions about myself in spanish, which helped me work on my spanish.
the philosophy aspect of the course was, as i learned in my training as a teacher, fairly useless. we didn’t do nearly as much as i expected: “change your mental outlook” over and over, and “engage with your inner self” and a few other bits of waffle. i put this down to the 60% of the students who had studied philosophy before, and expected more depth and understanding than i actually got. however, my assessment is subject to possible personal bias: the part of me that expects more rigorous teaching expects the same of my students, and i found the teaching to be good, in that it worked for the circumstances.