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Published: November 23, 2022 (2 weeks ago)

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According to an FIR filed by the producers of the film, two separate links of websites of Torrent were made by user robby007. On downloading the movie, it was revealed that the first censor copy of the movie was stolen and was uploaded on Torrent. Our probe revealed that website had uploaded the links on the websites, said a crime branch officer.

I totally support the fight against piracy, but only when those who are uploading the pirated movies stop doing that. Censorship is at its worse in Indian cinema. Since 2012, about half a dozen of Bollywood movies have been censored. Directors and screenwriters have even gone to the extent of creating full new stories because of this. These stories are being added to the original scripts of the film. Few films have even released uncut versions. In February this year the state government of Andhra Pradesh organised a raid on a local cinema and seized 26000 DVDs of movies that were dubbed in Telugu and released without censor boards approval. It’s a fight for freedom of expression, but you can’t fight it only through downloading and sharing, you also have to fight through boycott of the film. You can’t fight this fight just once, you have to continue fighting it every time you feel like watching a pirated film. The second part of the question is about the downloaders, they say that their piracy is not a crime. Let’s say you are watching a pirated film, and you’re watching it on a pirated website, do you really think your downloading those films and sharing them among others has no impact on the moral values of other people. An identical argument can be made with an alcoholic who shares his alcoholic beverages with others. If an adult has taken steps to be a responsible user of alcohol, then do not compare this responsibility with a criminal who has downloaded a pirated movie and shared it among others. After all, these are all things that you decide to do because of personal choices. I don’t want to describe it as a crime, I simply want to convey that downloading a pirated movie is a decision, an active decision. Where as criminal downloading is a passive decision where a criminal is only doing what his society says is right and wrong. You can fight this fight, but its not enough to do it once. There needs to be more of this at the roots.

the bombay high court on friday refused to interfere with the release of the drug-themed film udta punjab, even after the revising committee of the central board of film certification (cbfc) recommended 89 cuts in the film. the director, anurag kashyap said that he is not going to cut the film, and that the “audience will decide what they like”.
anurag kashyap has received threats from anti-drug activists, following the release of his upcoming film udta punjab, in which the real life drug-related activities of some bigwigs in the punjab government are dealt with in a fictional manner. in an interview, kashyap has revealed that a few people have been bombarding him with threats of violence.
the bombay high court today gave the drug-themed film udta punjab a green signal for release, after the revising committee of the central board of film certification (cbfc) recommended 89 cuts in the film. the bombay high court gave the green signal to the film’s screening on tuesday, after a petition was filed by the director anurag kashyap seeking a stay on its release. the bombay high court also said that it will hear the case again on april 1.
after a series of objections from the india’s censor board, bollywood film udta punjab was recently cleared for release with just a single cut. however on june 15, the prints of the entire film were leaked online, just two days before its release on june 17.
the owner of torrent site was arrested by the cyber cell of mumbai police on wednesday in connection with bollywood movie udta punjab leaking online, two days ahead of its release in theaters. the first torrent of the movie reportedly appeared on the site.