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known for his poetic lyrics, muzaffar ali wrote the lyrics for many of the films prominent songs, the most noteworthy being the title track. the song is sung by the legendary asha bhosle and is a gem that is effortlessly played on the silver screen. the song also becomes a lullaby for the little girl that umrao jaan meets at the end of the movie. his songs for the film also include dil tere khain khain, rangoon, saamne waale saamne and tumne meri ishq sikhaye, among others.

the film was directed by muzaffar ali, and he also wrote the story and the screenplay, with the music director being the lyricist, khayyam. it was produced by muzaffar ali and released on 28 august 1977. the film stars rekha in the lead role of umrao jaan, with the other lead actors being farooq shaikh, bharat bhushan, satish shah, gajanan jagirdar, khan ghizlai, leela mishra, dina pathak, akbar rashid, gajanan jagirdar, and rita rani kaul. the supporting cast includes asha bhonsle, aziz, jagjeet kaur, talat aziz, ghulam mustafa khan, aslam pervaiz, and agha syed. the film was remade as a teleserial, umrao jaan: the untold story, in 2014.

umrao jaan is the story of an emperor’s wife, who enters the world of the nawab’s palace to attempt to save her husband. the story is based on the 1857 revolt of india against the british raj. the film has three leading roles, mainly played by rekha, who plays the role of umrao jaan. naseruddin shah plays the role of nizam, a friend of umrao jaan; and raj babbar plays the role of maharaj-ul-jahan, the emperor who rules the state.

so, umrao jaan is not only a film about a courtesan, but also one that is about the right to live, the right to love, the right to be educated, the right to an independent life and freedom from religious interference.
umrao jaan is a film about the fate of a woman who has no rights, no security, no freedom, and whose life is dependent on someone else. what is the worst that can happen to a woman? is her life really worth living?
umrao jaan is a story that was originally written as a novel by sara jahanara farooqui, in which she attempted to portray the plight of the veiled women. her novel was published in 1905 and it is still the best selling urdu novel of all time with over a hundred editions printed. she wrote the book at a time when the situation of women was dire; many women were totally dependent on their husbands or fathers. she never intended her book to be made into a film; it was the director muzaffar ali who transformed the novel into a film.
umrao jaan is a film that conveys the dilemma that faced people of india in the mid-1900s. we are often told that what we do today has its roots in the past. but history is about people, and if we cannot learn from history, we may be doomed to repeat it. the film is a contemporary reflection on an issue that is pertinent and important today. it is about a women’s struggle for equality.
jagjit, the film is a landmark in the history of hindi cinema. it was the first film to be produced by the national film development corporation of india. it is considered as one of the best films produced in hindi cinema. it is so well known, that it has been selected as the best film of all time by the dosti awards. its film’s score has inspired many film composers to create many scores based on this memorable composition. film is a black-and-white film. songs and scenes are shot in black and white. it was the first film to be released as an “all india” film. film is said to be the first indian film to be remade in hollywood. film is directed by muzaffar ali who directed the original bollywood film “mughal-e-azam”. film stars dilip kumar, meena kumari, madhubala, kishore kumar, and nalini jaywant. film music is composed by khayyam. film is based on the novel umrao jaan, written by bhagwati charan verma. film was a block buster, earning much revenue for the indian government. film is critically acclaimed. film has been listed in the indian film and television institute’s list of 100 greatest indian films. film has been selected as one of the best indian films. film has been screened at prestigious film festivals. it has been screened at major film festivals. film has been selected for preservation in the indian national film archive.