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The Little Prince VR is an atmospheric narrative VR experience set in a beautiful, vibrant, and widescreen land populated by hand-painted characters and hand-written text. Players will be transported into The Little Prince’s story as he flies to the moon in search of a rose – a rare rose that will make him grow tall. As players explore The Land of Ooo, they encounter complex puzzles, a variety of characters, and experiences that reflect classic stories and feel as if they are entering The Little Prince’s world for the very first time. The game will be available on Steam Early Access in late January, 2017.Initial report of a family from India with two siblings with the newly recognised syndrome of mitochondrial spinocerebellar ataxia type 7.
We report a family with three patients presenting with cerebellar ataxia and sensory-motor neuropathy. The younger two siblings (Case 1 and 2) presented with late onset cerebellar ataxia, trunk ataxia, neuropathy and dysarthria. Initially, they did not fulfil the criteria for Friedreich’s ataxia as their upper limbs showed mild intention tremor and there was no dysarthria. Their DNA analysis revealed a heterozygous mutation in one of the mitochondrial DNA-encoded tRNA genes, with no other mutations in nuclear genes. This mutation has not been reported previously. The third patient (Case 3) presented with a mild cerebellar ataxia and neuropathy and her DNA analysis did not show this mutation. This study supports a phenotypic heterogeneity within mitochondrial spinocerebellar ataxia (MSCA).Jiggly Caliente Is The New Miley Cyrus And She’s Doing Fine Thanks!

How do you think Miley Cyrus is doing these days? The answer is, incredibly well.

The new Miley has nothing to do with her new album Bangerz, and everything to do with what she’s been up to since she was outed for twerking on stage. She’s been on a mission to prove to people that she’s not going to burn down her career and piss off millions of kids like she did with the twerking craze.

So Miley has started working on a charity revue for children in Honduras called “Childhood in Honduras” and it’s pretty much looking like “Bangerz” reincarnated. The


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  • 2300 + superb sounds in new and improved Expanded Memory 16 Bit Plug-In Sustain and Demo-Ready

  • Recording, Plug-In, and MIDI abilities now included in one box!

  • Beat-Loops with 4 different drum kits: Deep & Spectral Drum (25, 41, 59 and 81), Traditional Drum (1 to 7), Classic Bells (and Tons), Vintage Horns and Guitars.

  • Add Bass and Synth to the kits for even more variety.

  • 4 different Drum Bag versions.

  • 7 new Synth and Horn Sounds with their own dedicated pads (and bridges).

  • New 32 Patch Sampler with 4 drum kits (Classic, Clav, Drums and Essentials), 5 Synth patches in patch banks – 1 Bank is dedicated to Organ, and a Bass Bank with Boss Pedals.

  • New Expanded Memory 16 Bit Plugin with 64 exclusive patches.

  • 4 additional Outputs (2 deep and 2 fader outputs) with their own independent Settings. This is directly from Audials, providing even more versatility and tweaking power!
    3/4 by rack height, 1/2 by rack width.

  • Split Stereo, Mono, Stereo L (via Side Box) and 2.1 Surround!


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Make and manage your own items! Play as an oni god, terrorize villagers, and destroy the demonic dimensions where humans believe in one god only to worship a demon lord. It’s time to bring peace to the land.

A simple formula:
Item Creator
• Build and create up to 20 unique items, sort them into different categories, and select the skills for each of them.
• The more you level, the more powerful the items get and the more unique they become!
• Each item comes with a recipe so you can find its perfect use!
• You can sell your items on the in-game shop!

The first and the last steps you’ll play the first three hours, and after that you will need to expand and use the items. You’ll have to think about what to do with your items and how to use them. So every step you do you’ll see the path that will lead you to victory.

When you start, you will quickly be upgraded to a higher level, so you’ll know the most efficient way to build an item. A lot of the items you will create will be specialized weapons, because your main goal is to destroy the demons and their factions.

To make your own items you will unlock 6 skill categories:
• Build: Allows you to break and create stone to build items
• Materials: Allows you to search for items you can craft and distribute them to players through the crafting interface
• Energies: Provides energy to work in your buildings and items
• Attacks: Allows you to build and use items
• Skills: Specialize items to craft in specific items

How to make more items in the main game:
You will also be able to make items outside the main game and sell them on the crafting interface.

There are dungeons, NPCs, shops and heroes that can help you in the game and provide items for you.

To find a hero:
Go to the crafting interface.

Go to a building.

You will notice a table with the map.

Move the map to where you want to find a hero.

Talk to the hero to trigger a quest line.

Note: You can only have 2 heroes at the same time. If you fail to choose a hero you currently have, you will not be able to find another one.

Note 2: The heroes we offer are based on the


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Over the last few months, we have added loads of features and content to our game.
You can now:
-Create an account!
-Buy in Game
-Register for our upcoming iOS game
-Download the game on iOS and Android
-Rate the game on all platforms
-Submit bugs
Over the last few months, we have added loads of features and content to our game.
You can now:
-Create an account!
-Buy in Game
-Register for our upcoming iOS game
-Download the game on iOS and Android
-Rate the game on all platforms
-Submit bugs
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Ratatoskr has been a staple companion to our Patreon paying members since the earliest days of our project. She’s a bit of a skeptic, but she’s good at what she does: she helps to shape our game and to achieve its development. As such, it’s fun to be able to chat with her in the dialogue tree – we’ve always had a lot of fun doing that as well. That said, it’s been a while since we could show you a Ratatoskr render. Now, we have some new up her sleeve!
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Thinking about what makes a good videogame experience for you? We’re a couple of years into game development. We’ve come to realize that there are many ways to make a game, and that each of them can be a very different experience. It’s been a big challenge to find the balance between “being creative” and “making a good game”, but through that process of trial and error, we have learned a lot. Sometimes, when we feel our way through the dark woods, there will be a… thing.. in the shadows. It’s that thing that is the heart of our game, it’s what makes us happy and it’s what we want to tell our players. Find out more about this thing in our latest Dev-blog!
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Meet our latest Patreon Spotlight! This time we caught a break and we even got to play the game ourselves!
In this interview we discuss our recent decisions regarding the game engine, and the tech inside of our game engine. To get a sense of the project as a whole you can find all the details in our developers blog.
We would like to introduce you to our guest Anya (spelling correct), the artist for our


What’s new in Un Pas Fragile:

> try a different box

I had almost narrowed it down to just that being my problem, until I started mucking around in the bios. Now, I’m not really a bios expert by any means, but I’m pretty sure I managed to get many of those setting in the wrong place… which…well… isn’t letting the computer boot (as far as I can tell, anyway).

I just moved the bios flash, RAM, and HDD to my other computer (with a Leopard system), and had it booted and everything up just fine.

*sigh* I think I just have to give up. No recovery disk, nothing.

Tell us about your problem(s) and hopefully someone can help you out. If your computer runs for some time you may be able to search your disk for any StickyThreads messages that would be posted in reply to your earlier threads. From there you might be able to figure out what happened and take one of several courses of action. Good luck.Search Events

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CAIS claims commercial raisins contain a carcinogenic compound known as acrylamide which may be a cause of cancer. On the plus side, as one Mother Goose story goes, may be able to find a lower-sugar-version for baking purposes.

Text Size

Cancer Institute of Singapore press release: THURSDAY 16 MAR 2014

Commercial Raisins Found to Contain Carcinogenic Compound

CAIS says one in a million cases of bowel cancer could be caused by consumption of raisins.


The Cancer Institute of Singapore (CAIS) has issued an advisory to consumers to restrict their intake of low-sugar dried fruit as they may carry a risk of carcinogen compounds. These include low-sugar dried grapes, apples and peaches.

“The link between consumption of low-sugar dried fruit and cancer risk has not been definitively established. More research on the relationship between low-sugar fruit intake and long-term health benefits is currently being conducted. However, it is prudent to monitor exposure to potential cancer-causing substances, particularly for children and those with a family history of cancer,” said Dr Cheryl Yap of CAIS’ Division of Gastro-Intestinal Cancers.

Dr Yap added that dietary fibre from wholefoods and fruit has been associated with reduced risk of


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GODZILLA! is the latest entry in the monster movie series from Toho, creators of GODZILLA, GODZILLA vs. JUGER, THEEDGE OF ZOMBARIUM, and GARGANTUAN.

No survival horror game has ever taken the damage from a colossal monster attack. But a gigantic, purely destructive monster is on the loose! Only one man can turn the tide of this battle–yourself. You are humanity’s only hope. Join an all-out war to defend the world from the twenty-megaton rampage of the world’s most powerful monster!

1 player

Play as Mankind


Game Info:

GODZILLA! (pronounced “goddzilla”) is a high-octane, action-packed, first-person shooter arcade game developed by Capcom (Killer7, Rival Schools, Dead Rising). PLAY AS HUMANITY!! Relive one of the most memorable moments in the history of monster movies when Godzilla attacks Japan at the end of the 1960s. As mankind’s only hope, you join an all-out battle against Godzilla’s destructive onslaught. As a newly recruited agent of Earth Defense Force (EDF), it’s up to you to use the EDF’s most powerful weapon against this god of monsters: a giant robot!


In GODZILLA! you play as humanity’s only hope. Join an all-out battle against Godzilla’s destructive onslaught.

In the “MUTO” level, you start out equipped with a standard EDF weapon, before picking up weapons that have been found throughout the monster attacks and the huge robot battles.

In “MASTODON” level, you’ll be facing gigantic MOTHRA!

In “ALIEN” level, you’ll be facing Rodan!

In “GODZILLA” level, you’ll be facing Godzilla!



Game Specifics:

The Japanese version of GODZILLA! contains the English version of the game along with the Japanese voices and album art. The Japanese version also has no English subtitles.

The English version of GODZILLA! contains subtitles and the English voices.Q:


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System Requirements:

OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7
Processor: Intel Pentium II, Celeron, Duron, Athlon, AMD Duron
Memory: 512 MB RAM
Hard Drive: 30 MB free space
Video Card: 128 MB
Sound Card: VIA 8237 Audio Codec
How To Play:
Load the downloaded game and run the exe file.
Play the game.
Game controls:
WASD – Movement
JKL/ZXC – Click on


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