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On your TV set, a red LED light flashes. While the light is flashing, press 8. Once you get a response, it means that the device is working properly. .well, I guess a lot of this stuff has happened because of the result of centuries of poor or no education. this process has been going on for so long that it has become an innate part of our daily lives. and to that I say, “not our daily lives.” To the type of person who can’t even read. or understand the photos.

I’m really tired of people who don’t understand what I’m saying because they don’t comprehend what I’m saying. This is obviously the case with you. It’s sad to see such simpletons with no understanding and their realizations due to their inability to write or articulate properly. When people have the opportunity to communicate they choose the dumbest most common language and nothing more. This, in a general sense, is what this article is saying. There are no high class people. This is due to the breakdown of the middle class and most of the ‘high class’ people are the ones who are running the system. These people make deals with each other for a few thousand dollars and this might provide them a little extra income to buy their next vehicle, and the few extras to their home. They don’t care what they are buying because they use every day objects. You can name me any game for your phone and I’ll tell you if it’s worth a couple grand dollars.This isn’t any sort of rocket science. I’d say 1 in 100 people actually knew what Bitcoin was. Now you have the odd man out. And there’s been “how to” articles for that for what seems like quite some time. You’ve just been a lazy turd.

Just a late reply, but you know what you speak of. Education, specifically higher education, has been killed by the progressives.

The progressives want people who do not want to learn, but who can do simple arithmetic, to be the bar for passing a test. Of course, people who have that education do not make as much as those without it. So that makes the progressives happy.

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