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The error is in the following text on your image,

It should be

Note the style=” and );

Georgi Gunel

Georgi Plavsadov – Gunel (born April 17, 1979 in Nesebar) is a Bulgarian sprint canoer who competed in the early 2000s. At the 2000 Summer Olympics in Sydney, he was eliminated in the repechages of the C-1 1000 m event.


Category:1979 births
Category:Bulgarian male canoeists
Category:Canoeists at the 2000 Summer Olympics
Category:Living people
Category:Olympic canoeists of Bulgaria
Category:Sportspeople from NesebarA basic aim in the primary care setting is to provide physicians with a systematic approach to promote healthy behaviors, prevent disease, and reduce morbidity and mortality. Unfortunately, many physicians lack training in behavioral medicine and general practice, which are critical to addressing both general health and mental health in primary care. Results from a recent 2-day National Institutes of Health (NIH)-supported Summer Research Training Institute (RTI) in behavioral medicine and general medicine suggest that trainees acquire the basic skills they need to pursue a career in behavioral medicine. Increasing evidence shows that training for the care of complex patients is best performed in team-based, interdisciplinary settings. This proposal describes an intensive, week-long, interdisciplinary biomedical research training workshop in behavioral medicine and primary care that is sponsored by the NIH as part of a Healthy People 2010, Mentored Clinical Scientist Development Award. The proposed 5-day workshop will combine didactic instruction, practical teaching, and research experience in the form of small-group discussions, group and individual assignments, and problem-solving exercises. In this way, trainees will be able to

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I thought I could fix this by writing:
my_fn = map(re.sub, (‘\..*’, ”), my_fn)

but that doesn’t work. Can anyone provide me an effective fix?


You could use a lambda function with the lambda.subfunction as replacement; lambda.subfunction will return a tuple:
my_fn = lambda x: [subfunction(y) for y in x.split(os.sep)]

And the output with your example data:
[‘DownloadxforcekeygenCivil3D2017download’, ‘DownloadxforcekeygenCivil3D2017download’, ‘downloadxforcekeygenCivil3D2017download’, ‘÷¿? ÿ?、$ÿ?? ÿ?¿?’, ‘÷¿? ÿ?、$ÿ?? ÿ?¿?’, ‘÷¿? ÿ?×￾æ￾⿾⿾导入⿾㿾’, ‘÷¿? ÿ?¯ã¿¾å¯¼å…¥ç”µå­ï¿¾ã¿¾’, ‘÷¿? ÿ?¯ã¿¾å¯¼å…¥ç”µå­ã¿¾ã¿¾’, ‘÷¿? ÿ?¯ã¿¾å¯¼å…¥æ‰‹æœºæ ¸å¯¼å…¥ã¿¾ã¿¾’, ‘÷¿? ÿ?¯ã¿¾å¯¼å…¥æ‰‹æœºæ ¸å¯¼å…¥ã¿¾ã¿¾’, ‘÷¿? ÿ?¯ã¿¾å¯¼å…¥ã�