by xylsher
Published: November 20, 2022 (1 week ago)

Wargame Red Dragon Deck Codes


Wargame Red Dragon Deck Codes

This deck is purely focused on keeping your opponent from reaching your lines in the earlier game stages. “Fast” troops won’t do any good against the more mobile army you’re up against, with only a handful of units that will effectively surprise anyone but the most prescient of officers. Instead, more powerful units need to be amassed and used to choke off the opposing forces.

The French had shown their ability to throw men into hundreds of forces, but usually with the aim of defeating a city or two. This deck is focused on simply refusing to die, with only a handful of units that are great at delaying the enemy. This deck sacrifices mobility for sheer firepower, mostly in the form of Char B1 F. The upgrades in the game are important to consider; the greatest of all units, the Char B1 F, is only one of three figures in the game, and the other two figure are dedicated to ground attack, the Type 99, and airpower, the Aviazone.

The United States is the powerhouse of the game. It has strong air and sea units, light ground forces with an amazing defensive strength, and the ultimate in vehicle and artillery support. This deck is a variation on the theme of the normals, with a faster, heavier style. The American version is more focused on offense than defense, however, with its focus on screening and fast attack being lessened by the addition of powerful melee units and a short melee range to serve as anti-melee and anti-light vehicles. Finally, since the United States should stay near the shores, they have a number of ports to pick up reinforcements from.

* Airpower – Korea’s air capabilities are vanilla, but they are quite effective. Their cheap, cheap, cheap drone aircraft is one of the units that will make or break a deck – if they don’t work, it can be really hard to take the fight to the enemy.

aside from some unique bonuses, some of which are invaluable, the good news is that south korea is a lot cheaper than other nations. the us for example, can be upwards of 30-40 bucks for a single infantry unit, if not more, while south korea can be had for about 20-25 bucks. the us has a good mix of infantry, including some really good ones, so it can be used for many purposes – though it lacks in tanks and air. south korea, on the other hand, has a wide variety of tanks, and as for infantry, it can be found for cheap. the good news is that south korea is one of the best suited decks to play in the wargame series, and shouldnt be overlooked. here are some of the unique bonuses it offers, and the best strategies to use it.
takes no armor penetration or damage – this is one of the coolest and most unique bonuses in wargame red dragon. this bonus actually improves the vehicles in wargame – giving it an extra 10% movement and accuracy, and making it harder for the enemy to shoot or get hit by it. this is great because it gives the infantry that much more protection and survivability, or any vehicle which takes no armor or damage, meaning that tanks, ifvs, and even afvs are more formidable. this also means that artillery and anti-aircraft fire arent as useful as they were in wargame prior to this dlc, as they are not penetrating, but it does mean that vehicles like the m60 and atgm infantry are more effective against them. one of the few downsides to this are that some of the artillery which isnt penetration also becomes less effective, but that is just an issue of the game. this is a great bonus, and should be used.