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Landing on a small island located in the heart of the Agadir complex, the FSDG airport is the first choice of travelers heading to or coming from that region.
The FSDG airport of Agadir, one of the biggest airports in Morocco, is now available for X-Plane!
Optimized for great performance and visual quality, this add-on for X-Plane 11 features highly detailed 3D graphics, high quality textures, and highly accurate arial imagery and Ground Traffic.
The FSDG airport of Agadir is specially designed with attention to details.
It is perfectly equipped for the daily flow of passengers, and airlines are welcome to add routes and services.
Visit the FSDG website to learn more!
The video and description included in this package are for informational purposes only, and reflect the content in the current version of the add-on.
X-Plane 11 / PBR Materials / Enhanced Lighting (recommended but not required)
Windows XP – SP3 or later
The following requirements are needed to install and use the X-Plane add-on:
• a modern graphic card (at least 512MB of RAM)
• X-Plane 11
About the X-Plane 11 – Add-on: FSDG – Agadir
The X-Plane 11 – Add-on: FSDG – Agadir offers the following new features and improvements:
• fully optimized for great performance and high visual quality
• New detailed textures and materials
• Optimized ground traffic with detailed realtime vehicles
• Enhanced lighting
• Realistic realistic shadows
• Automatic ground elevation correction
• Interactive, realtime wind effects
• Numerous new objects and scenery
• Enhanced realistic engine sounds and multiple animations
• Improved passenger boarding / de-boarding animations
• New polygonal buildings
All the official X-Plane 11 add-on packages include manuals and detailed documentation. Feel free to visit the X-Plane 11 website for information about the X-Plane 11 software and the add-ons.
A screenshot gallery is also available and a demo video can be viewed at the X-Plane 11 website.


Warp Frontier Features Key:

  • Made in awesome.
  • It will be published in app state.
  • You can play Waste Walkers Dark Days on PC,Android,iOS,Blackberry,Windows Phone
  • This idle game downloads to your device when you click “Skip Ad”,
    Just let the download finish successfully and enjoy the fun.
    Download link :
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Starpoint Gemini is a sci-fi thriller where you have to face the consequences of the choices you made in the past. In Starpoint Gemini, you are a few weeks into the mission on the USS Lazarus, a deep-space research vessel. You’ve just been assigned to a small research team under the command of Edward Young, until you realize his behaviour is a little too weird. You decide to keep a closer eye on him.

But you don’t know it yet that Edward Young has a very important role in some secret and dangerous agenda the US government wants to prevent.

How to Play:

Trailer video (NTSC)

• Full Walkthrough available:

• Full Walkthrough available for the PAL version:

• Maximum HD 720p. There is no option to play the game in 480p.

• In case of PSP or PS3, use the “Full Screen” option when starting the game. (In the menu file, look for the [FILM] section. Choose the [ 720P] option and the game will run in FULL HD.)

• VST Support (Ver 0.6.0), include a.vst for each instrument of “Vocoder” type.

A few hours of play time with the game and its documentation.

Game content

• The game supports a variety of graphic settings, like resolution, color depth, texture quality, etc. Use the “Info” menu to switch among the various settings, before starting the game.

• The game contains several missions. To play the full game, you need at least one full mission of the game (one mission by missions).

• Each mission contains between one and four main levels, on which you will have to perform several tasks. You need all the main levels of a mission to complete the mission.

• Several bonuses are hidden on the main levels, in the form of doors, command buttons or consoles (see later the hints section).

• You can repeat a level, but the available amount of REPEAT depends on the mission. To replay a level, open a terminal on the main menu, and type: “REPE


Warp Frontier Free (2022)

0. Let’s Talk About The “Overworld”
1. Let’s Talk About The “Dungeons”
2. Let’s Talk About The “Seasons”
3. Let’s Talk About The “Environment”
4. Let’s Talk About The “Battles”
5. Let’s Talk About A Few Small Things
6. Let’s Talk About “Checking-in”
7. Let’s Talk About Ending The Game
8. Let’s Talk About DLC
9. Let’s Talk About Reviews
10. Let’s Talk About Other Things
11. Let’s Talk About Sorting Out Reviews
12. Let’s Talk About What You Would Want From Orogenesis!
13. Let’s Talk About My Achievements
14. Let’s Talk About My Inbox
15. Let’s Talk About Fills and Any Wanted Cards
16. Let’s Talk About DLC
17. Let’s Talk About “Developing”
18. Let’s Talk About Character Creation
19. Let’s Talk About “NPC’s”
20. Let’s Talk About “Experience”
21. Let’s Talk About Endings
22. Let’s Talk About Those “Close” Games
23. Let’s Talk About Odds
24. Let’s Talk About “Trapping”
25. Let’s Talk About Monsters
26. Let’s Talk About Enemies
27. Let’s Talk About “Minions”
28. Let’s Talk About “Levels”
29. Let’s Talk About That “Bitchy Monster”
30. Let’s Talk About “Arenas”
31. Let’s Talk About The HUD
32. Let’s Talk About That “Chill” Gauge
33. Let’s Talk About That “Horror Of It All”
34. Let’s Talk About The “NPC”
35. Let’s Talk About The “Air”
36. Let’s Talk About Some “Things To Know”
37. Let’s Talk About Levels
38. Let’s Talk About “Obliviousness”
39. Let’s Talk About Bosses
40. Let’s Talk About That “Suck It Up”
41. Let’s Talk About “Obliviousness”
42. Let’s Talk About “Your Destiny”
43. Let’s Talk About “Checkpointing”
44. Let’s Talk About “Survivors Mode”
45. Let’s Talk About “It Just Keeps


What’s new:

A box of truck love.

4th February 2013

Joy and Love

My Valentine’s Present

Starting from level 1 of truckee’s recent update I’ve been
experimenting with NewbExpert’s first tutorial, ‘Touring the
Canal’ – hoping to make some decent videos that would help out
users with that first stage. So far, they’ve been reasonably
successful and if you’d like to see some of the results, you can
check out the video below. However,
the other types of videos I actually have in mind are focussed on
‘newb’s’ first steps with the game, so what I decided to do
today was make a video about some of the settings you can take
advantage of when getting ready to take those first steps.

You will never make it as a truckee if you’re just
tinkering around with the in-game settings, so once you’ve
understood the basics, it’s time to start tweaking.

So, let’s start by explaining how you tweak those settings
either as you play or while you’re in a Training Area (TRA), and
then we’ll take a look in more detail at each of them. First, here
is a basic list of the settings:

Status Arrow

TRA – how you play

TRA 3D – how it plays in trailers

TRA 2D – how it plays in trailers

TRA 3D Full Screen – how it plays in trailers

EA Commercial Trailer – how the game ‘observes’ commercial

EA Faction Trailer – how the game ‘observes’ commercial

EA Practice Trailer – how the game ‘observes’ commercial

EA Development Trailer – how the game ‘observes’ commercial

Chat (Frequency), Friends Chat (Frequency),

Passengers, Loyalty (Medium / Clear / No Loyalty).

World Size (Medium / Large)

Contacts (max number)

Screen Overlay (use ‘before cinema’ to avoid distracting while
watching a film)

Detailed Overlay (hide everything except the


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Hope in hell is a fast paced platform beat em up game that covers the core genres of beat em up, beat’em up, side scroller, action combat and adventure while adding features that are exclusive to the genre. The game starts off as our hero Hope crossing paths with a demon. Fate overtakes him as the demon transforms into a dragon and dashes off. Hope then has to use what little he has to make it to the top. With his Tae Kwon Do skills, Hope has to fight his way through Hell, with the help of a demon that is pissed at the world. As he fights his way through Hell, he fights lots of minibosses and dragons. Hope uses his super awesome martial arts style to get to the top. From there, he has to save the world and find the precious “Spark”.
– 3D platformer
– Unique and creative enviroments
– Awesome and Compelling gameplay
– 26 hand drawn characters and more to come
– Make your own Play By Play
– In game PlayByPlay
– Cut scenes, Cut Scenes, Tons of them
– A Boss every level
– Cinematic story that will play out as you are fighting
– Vast maps that will give you more of a story
– 9 mins music by Corey Slad on soundcloud
– 30+ Fully Customisable characters
– Several engine wise graphics and design overhauls
– Tons of easter eggs
– More to comeQ:

Is there a faster way to clear out an access table?

I have an Access database with a table named Caches where I store the keys of several items for later retrieval. If I delete an item, I want to delete all keys in the table.
Right now I write something like this:
Cells(iCache, 6).Delete

DoCmd.DeleteObject acTable, “Caches”

Where iCache is the last row of the table, and Cells(iCache, 6) returns the cell with that row and the 6th column.
I’ve seen the command DoCmd.DeleteObject acTable, “Caches” used in other posts, but I’m not sure how to use it.


Yes, use the DDE.DELETE command. Example on MSDN.
The above link appears to have been removed, and the linked MS


How To Crack Warp Frontier:

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    To download the Spotted Garden Eel Adventure game you first need to choose the file format that you’re downloading. This is usually done automatically according to your browser. But in some cases, you may have to open the file’s download tab and select what to download. There’s also a chance that you may need to manually download the file because the Spotted Garden Eel Adventure game download page doesn’t always predict your browser’s choice of file format.


    There are lots of file formats and each needs to be downloaded separately. Therefore, it might be better to do this manually and look over the file’s file type, size, game requirements, etc. so that you can download the right file. Some files can also be corrupted when downloaded, therefore you need to double check the file before installing them.


    It is very important to perform the installation as soon as the file is downloaded to avoid risky problems.

    In the Spotted Garden Eel Adventure game, after an irritating registration process, you’ll be greeted to install your game.



    System Requirements For Warp Frontier:

    Mac OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion)
    1GB RAM
    Intel Macs with latest iMac 27-inch retina display (Mid 2012) or newer. The system requirements for the latest Mac OS X Mavericks (10.9) are detailed at this link
    1080p HD Screen (1920 x 1080)
    Windows Compatible Sound Card
    Monitor resolution of at least 1920 x 1080 (1080p)
    Windows 8.1
    Dual-core CPU or better
    2GB RAM
    1280 x 720 screen