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Windows 8 64 Bit Preattivato Italiano Torrent

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. If it can help windows 7 64 bit iso which at the moment is not a problem to me :))).. I want to ask, I download from this website, where I can download windows 7 all version up to date?.

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Download Video Tutorial Preamble: Windows 7 is a single installer package that can be used to install a 32-bit version of Windows 7.

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mock HTML5Rocks api

I am trying to use Html5Rocks api for the games counter application. I need to mock the api for my unit test. Is there a way to mock the api without using browser through which i call the api.


Does it really have to be mocking? Here’s some code that may give you what you need:
$service = new Html5Rocks(”);

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Windows 8.1 32-bit Professional/home 64-bit Ultimate (Windows 7.Q:

SQL Server : Using variable from string to concat with str_to_date

Is it possible to use a variable to concat with str_to_date?
Specifically, if I have :
declare @date nvarchar(12)
set @date = ‘2014-11-12’

If I use the following statement, it works.
set @dt = str_to_date(@date, ‘yyyy-mm-dd’)

However, if I try to use the same thing with a variable, it just doesn’t work.
set @dt = str_to_date(@var, ‘yyyy-mm-dd’)

Any ideas?


This is a user-defined function returning a date datatype, not a string function. How about:
SELECT str_to_date(‘2014-11-12’, ‘%Y-%m-%d’)

(As an alternative to SELECT…)

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