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Evergreen Blues is a music karaoke game in which you take control of two sentient beings – one on each side – who decide to share the soundtrack of a broken world. Two creatures, two minds, two ways of feeling and interacting with each other in a sort of “I wonder what this music would sound like to something intelligent and emotional?” discussion.
As one of the creatures, the object is to sing a song (by assigning lyrics to the lines of the song) as well as behaving in ways which allow the other creature to react. Like a duo, the game – which is built on the Unity game engine – contains a variety of tools, props, upgrades, and sounds which you can take in to compose a cohesive song with your partner.
To Sing & Song To Be:
The dual gamemaster system allows the player to pick whichever part of the song they are going to sing. Music appears in a low-res audio player – which the player can change pitch, volume, and pan. During the song, the characters’ eyes remain dark (closed), their mouths are open, and they appear ready to react to each other’s vocalizations. The game’s tension increases as the players choose more extreme lyrics in an effort to drive the other creature into song.
Props & Costs to Be Shared:
Equipped with a variety of tools ranging from clothing to weapons, the creature’s choice of attack is determined by a meter which increases as the player flirts with danger. Every time the player spends the meter, they can choose the weapon of their choice to use, which are then shared with their partner on the other side. This way, the player is able to use their body in a specific way – whether jumping, throwing, or using a weapon – which is accompanied by a sound effect and allows the creature’s “toolset” to be shared.
These props, which are bought with currency earned from singing successfully, allow the player to change the rest of the song, give it a more personal feel, or make it more emotionally ambivalent. There are also a range of upgrades and additional props that can be purchased to provide additional features, additional effects, or things like additional voices for the song.
Game Modes & Challenges:
The game has two types of modes, where in one the challenges are constant (there is an end to the song), while in the other the challenges are continuous.
In the constant modes,


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