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Published: July 20, 2022 (3 weeks ago)
Name Zeltrus
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4089: Ghost Within is a stealthy action game in which you battle your way through a procedurally generated mothership of 40 enemy’s enemies. Hack cameras & locked doors. Break down secret walls to discover new paths. You will hack gadgets, disable alarms, destroy walls, and navigate through various parts of the ship.
You must choose whether you are playing for the full adventure, or just a quick challenge. Choose from Normal, Limited Lives, & Permadeath mode.
4089 has 3 major gameplay systems: the Hacking, Exploration & Combat.
The Hacking system:
You will hack a variety of gadgets & devices throughout the ship to do various functions like firing lasers, opening doors, disabling alarms, and to build walls. You can also perform various actions like moving or placing blocks, push buttons, read rooms, activate a switch, draw items and spawn various “Ghosts”. These Ghosts will assist you in combat or be teleported away from danger if you get into trouble.
The Exploration System:
You will explore the ship using various tools like a grapple hook, a deployable metal wall, and a lever system. Build walls to use as cover, use the grapple hook to swing around the edges of the ship, use the lever system to reach areas you couldn’t previously, or to open secret areas to discover new paths.
The Combat System:
You will use a variety of weapons, like a Flak Cannon, Gatling Gun, or a Rocket Launcher, & equip a variety of metal & fluid body parts. You will also encounter enemies that you will fight in combat.
Each “Room” on the ship can be equipped with weapons, a teleporter, doors, & a lever system. Once opened, the levers will link together to allow you access to the next room. Although, the rooms may be locked behind locked doors, you will be able to disrupt the locks with the Hacking system.
4089 uses a series of sound clips called “Phrases” throughout the game. When pressing the “hold” button, the game will play a sound clip called a “Phrase”. You can also press the buttons to make various commands, or to change the sounds.
Check out this video for a more in-depth look at the game: Intro
You can find the source code of 4089 here:
You can find a list of changes in 4089 on Phr


Features Key:

  • Play Unlimited The Season Pass options include:
    • Play the Game to unlock several Hollywood-style walkthroughs
    • Play all 50 unlockable missions in the Snap Shoot’em Up mode
    • Play all 50 unlockable missions in the Stealth mode
    • Play all the unlockable News & Views
    • Unlock the Hard Corps FAQ
    • Play Collectibles in the Snap Shoot’em Up mode
    • Play Collectibles in the Stealth mode
    • Unlock the Collector’s Chest for all Collectibles in the Snap Shoot’em Up
    • Unlock the Collector’s Chest for all Collectibles in the Stealth mode
    • Unlock Keymaster Mode at any level
    • Unlock Boss Mode at any level
    • Collect T-Cups in the Snap Shoot’em Up and Stealth mode.
    • Unlock the Hard Corps FAQ by reading News & Views
    • Unlock Collectibles by reading News & Views
    • Unlock level upgrade tiles by reading News & Views
    • Unlock ammo limit upgrades by reading News & Views
    • Unlock hidden level by reading News & Views
    • Unlock Tekken Pro 10 secret character
    • Unlock Tekken Master secret character
    • Unlock a Character Bonus:
    • Character: Jaboukie Phun; High Speed Bonus: Triangle
      Character: Eliza Borrego; High Speed Bonus: Circle
      Character: Batsu; High Speed Bonus: Cross
    • Unlock all Character Bonus
    • Unlock a Combo Bonus
    • Character: Michelle Chang; Combo Bonus: X
    • </ul


      Zeltrus Product Key Free

      Set in the world of Dwarf Land, a simulation game that already has over 15 million users!

      Players will travel to the world of Dwarf Land to find their lost love. While they are traveling they can help the dwarves, who also are looking for their lost love! But beware, the dark forces are also searching for the love, and will do anything to take it away.

      When a war broke out in Dwarf Land, those who got away to the Dwarf Mountains settled down on a new continent.

      Now there are Dwarf tribes fighting and killing each other for land.

      There are many lost love stories in Dwarf Land, but where are they?

      The beloved hero and the girl are looking for each other. But if you will arrive too late, they will have to live there without you.

      Now you and your tribe travel to reach your love, but the dark powers are waiting in the game.

      Our main character is actually a little sub-dwarf named Froderick or Frodo. He is a young and bright dwarf who has not chosen his tribe.

      He dreams of the lost love which gave up his tribe many years ago. The story is told from a third person view. You will discover secrets, try to save the universe and find the lost love as you travel through the new continent in the world of Dwarf Land.

      • Adventure, romance, mission, mission-action and role play!
      • The story of our main character Froderick, a young bright dwarf.
      • Wide exploration of the new continent
      • The story is told from a third person view. You control Froderick and his tribe.
      • Classic paper-doll animation
      • Available on all devices (iPhone, iPad, Android).
      • Designed for all ages (3+).

      Game Features

      • Easy-to-play game play
      • The story is told from a third person view. You control Froderick and his tribe.
      • Wide exploration of the new continent.
      • There are 4 different tribes and 5 different landscapes.
      • Choose from 12 different characters, each with his unique story and background.
      • A variety of quests.
      • New locations, bosses and characters added every month.

      Press Quotes

      “The game is a very simple platformer, with enough game play so that those that buy it can sink into the relationship, but if you’re looking for more traditional platformer play, then



      – Constantly on the moveYou never know what’s going to happen when you enter a new stage, and that’s all you have to be afraid of.The game does not have any story elements or anything like that.So, unless you’re a fan of slow-paced games, you may not be interested.However, I do recommend that you play at least the Normal difficulty or even the Hard difficulty.Because whether you like or dislike the game’s gameplay, it’s the experience of being on the move and conquering stages that you’ll remember.I’m sure you’ll get hooked on it.Source

      I actually like the fast-paced aspect of the game. I’m currently doing the Normal difficulty, but I’m playing for the experience of seeing what the different enemy behaviors are. I like to see the different types of zombies for instance.

      I’m currently playing ZombiU at the moment, but I have developed an interest in this game.

      I don’t think you’d have to worry too much about difficulty levels, but this game definitely has that feeling of a shooter at heart.


      I also agree with Marius. I actually like the fast-paced aspect of this game. I’m currently doing the normal difficulty, but I’m playing for the experience of seeing what the different enemy behaviors are. I like to see the different types of zombies for instance.

      I’m currently playing ZombiU at the moment, but I have developed an interest in this game.

      I don’t think you’d have to worry too much about difficulty levels, but this game definitely has that feeling of a shooter at heart.

      That’s what I like about this game so much about it. Since the enemies have such variations in behavior, I’m sure it’ll make this game more enjoyable than your average zombie shooter.

      Anyhow, I’m glad that you’re enjoying the game. I hope you’ll go on to win all the stages.

      Mine has big problems at the moment, but I definitely think there’s potential in this game.

      If they resolve the issues soon, then I’ll definitely recommend this to my friend.

      It’s a little bit of an odd experience when you’re playing the beginning of a game, where everything is so open.

      The stages tend to be more strategic and somewhat difficult.

      However, the whole game takes place inside of a robot.

      Since the robot has


      What’s new in Zeltrus:

      + trailer

      The big-budget Bollywood action thriller Big Bia, starring Manoj Bajpayee, Sonakshi Sinha and Prachi Desai, has had a face lift on the sound track. Film score composer Pritam has given a rousing score to this action-western romantic thriller. The entire 10 track soundtrack of the film is a mix of American and the Indian Music. It includes hits like ‘Chakkar,’ ‘Thoda Pyaar Thoda Magic,’ ‘Brilliant,’ ‘Why U Mad’ ‘Respect’ and many more.

      Big Bia soundtrack is composed by Pritam for Bajpayee whose co-star and Sanjay Dutt’s dna co-star, Suniel Shetty have lent their voice for this film. The movie shot in Mumbai has seen many changes. Let’s check out Bajpayee and other cast in action:

      Prachi Desai being shown on set

      Singer-songwriter Sonakshi Sinha playing the role of a DJ

      Manoj Bajpayee shown on set

      Prachi Desai with producer Prakash Jha on set

      Shyam by the title track ‘Chakkar’

      Manoj Bajpayee watching his part in Big Bia

      Manoj Bajpayee looking for auto

      Ekta too is seen on set. This has been a combo-off with multiple stars from the film industry. The director of this film, Nitesh Tiwari is a well-known. Earlier this movie, in collaboration with director Sanjay Dutt, had envisioned by Prabhu Deva. Terming the same as Pritam version.

      Heroines Sonakshi Sinha looks gorgeous

      Prachi Desai too enacts the character with the best of her ability

      Mojit Mewati unleashes her moves

      Manoj smiles with Prachi Desai on the set

      Singer Aditi Singh Sharma looking stunning in the film


      Prachi Desai with her co-star

      Manoj Bajpayee who tries to fit in with the song

      Everything is set to play out this film in style. Pritam in the centre, I feel this is a mix of western and b


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