NC Department of Agriculture Emergency Hotline

To receive important information from the North Carolina Department of Agriculture Veterinary Division in regards to Hurricane Florence subscribe to the newsletter by sending an email to the Veterinary Division’s general email account,

For emergencies, please call the North Carolina Department of Agriculture emergency hotline at (866) 645-9403.

Hurricane Florence is expected to stall causing significant flooding issues in the Carolinas. It is possible we will have long term impacts from this storm in many areas of the state

Please stay tuned to your local forecasts and use these links for important storm information.

Resources to help prepare for the hurricane
Information on road conditions
Snapshots of rivers and waterway conditions in NC

Duke Energy Urges Carolina Customers to Prepare for Hurricane

Widespread power outages are likely in North Carolina and South Carolina and could last multiple days to weeks. Read more here.

Duke Power Urges Customers to Prepare

To report an outage: Three Ways to Report an Outage

Health Certificates Waived for Hurricane Evacuation Animals

Several states including North Carolina have waived some interstate movement requirements for animals being evacuated from hurricane-affected states. These states are temporarily suspending ICVI (health certificate)requirements for the interstate movement of animals and coggins tests for horses. Click on the link for each state for exceptions and details of hurricane evacuated animals entering that state.

·     Alabama
·     Florida Florida Suspension of Interstate Movement Requirements
·     Georgia Georgia Temporary Suspension
·     North Carolina NC Waives ICVI Requirements for Hurricane Florence
·     South Carolina SC Suspension of Interstate Movement Requirements
·     Tennessee Tennessee Suspension of ICVI’s
·     Virginia VA Waiver of Certain Animal Import Requirements

Mass Animal Mortality Management Plan and Landfill Options
 The Mass Animal Mortality Management Plan for catastrophic natural disasters was developed by the state before Hurricane Matthew. NCDA & CS has reviewed and recommended the plan for mass animal mortality. Click on the links below for guidance on composting mass animal mortality.

NC Guidance for Composting of Mass Animal Mortality
Mass Animal Mortality Management Plan

 A list of the county landfills indicating which animal species are accepted and landfill contact information can be found here.
Hurricane Florence Landfill Options

NCDA&CS Veterinary Division’s Livestock Unit

The livestock unit has four regions throughout the state. Attached is the regional map with a list of the Veterinary Medical Officers and Animal Health Technicians and their contact information.

Click here to view and download a PDF of the map.
Regional Map of Livestock Veterinarians and Animal Health Technicians


 Dr. Mike Neault
Director of Livestock Programs, Veterinary Division
N.C. Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services
1030 Mail Service Center
Raleigh, NC 27699


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